About us

Continental Factory

Continental LTD Industrial and Commercial Company

Highly succesful and know-how more than 46 years in the area of water softeners, products for the dish-washing machine, whiteners, toilet  cleaners and washing machine cleaners

Our costumers and suppliers enjoy relations of reliability and high quality partnership.

Continental LTD was established in 1970 as a manufacturer and distributor of detergents and very soon became one of the leaders in the sector that is specialised.

Continental LTD owns one production unit in Athens Greece, covering the needs of a large range of products in powder, tablets and liquid.


We develop products in cooperation with our customers. concerning PRIVATE LABEL and we are able to offer creative solutions in the specialised product areas within short term in cost, quality and category management.

In a few words… CONTINENTAL LTD means creative solutions and innovations!


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