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Water Softeners

Water softeners for washing machines. Eliminate lime and magnesium, protect the washing machine and clothes. As a result there is need for less detergent. Fabrics are less stressed and provides longer life for the machine.

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Washing machine cleaner

Washing machine cleaner powder, removes the calcium deposits and stubborn leftovers. Takes care of the washing machine mechanical parts and joints and keeps the machine like brand new!

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Toilet tab cleaner X5 actions (NEW PRODUCT!)

Toilet tabs (X5 Actions) take care the most important problems in the toilet by eliminating limescale , odors,rust, stubborn stains and deposits.

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Clothes whiteners

Clothes whiteners for washing machines, perfectly remove even the toughest greasy stains, offering the cleanest and brightest results for white colored clothes, even at the lowest temperatures! They come in powder and tablets form.

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dish washing machine products

Dish washing machine products, come in powder, liquid, tablets and All in 1 tablets that combine detergent, special salt rinse agent, glass protection and acts against fats. We produce also Dish washing rinse agents and special salt products.

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